Smoke Vector Graphics

High-performance interactive 2D vector graphics library for OCaml programmers:

  • OpenGL rendering.
  • Leverage modern graphics hardware for antialiasing.
  • Sophisticated multi-resolution techniques maintain high-performance at arbitrary zoom.
  • Purely functional scene graph representation.
  • Feedback giving the route through the scene graph to the exact object under the mouse.
  • Use from the OCaml top-level for interactivity.
  • Complete source code!

Use this graphics package to add stunning visuals to your demos and applications.

Free Edition

Free Download

Try the bytecode library for free!

Source code license

Develop your own visualizations in OCaml with native-code performance!


Minimal demo

A simple demo illustrating a shape composed of lines and Bezier curves with a red interior fill, a gradient fill giving a highlight and a blue stroke with rounded line joins.


Intermediate demo

Adds transparency and stroking with an elliptic nib to the previous example.


High-performance interactive vector graphics

This demo simply renders a predefined vector graphic of a tiger and uses the click callback to zoom into geometry selected using the mouse.



If you have an nVidia graphics card then you can enable application-wide antialiasing by running the tool:

$ nvidia-settings

Go to "Antialiasing Settings", selecting "Override Application Setting", crank the slider all the way up and click "Quit".


If you want to keep up to date with our state-of-the-art vector graphics software, please register your interest.

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