OCaml for Scientists

Learn one of the world's most popular functional programming languages, with hundreds of awesome examples covering everything from simple numerical analysis to sophisticated real-time 3D visualisation using OpenGL.

This book contains over 800 color syntax-highlighted source code examples and dozens of diagrams that elucidate the power of functional programming to explain how lightning-fast and yet remarkably-simple programs can be constructed in the OCaml programming language.

Proof read by Xavier Leroy (lead developer of OCaml at INRIA).

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  1. Introduction - Free on-line tutorial!
  2. Program structure
  3. Data structures
  4. Numerical analysis
  5. Input and output
  6. Visualization -
  7. Optimisation
  8. Libraries
  9. Simple examples
  10. Complete examples -


"THANKS for all of your great work!" - Don Brady, Comintel Inc.

"Your book is outstanding!! Nice job!!" - Jamie Bernardin, President and Co-Founder, DataSynapse Inc., New York, USA.

"Thanks for the fantastic book!! I just can't say enough about how impressively professional this book is. The level of communication in this book is so high that it's obvious you have not only a strong and precise command of the subject matter - you also have a very skillful (natural?) ability to instruct others. This combination is key. I'm grateful you've shared these talents with the rest of us!" - Richard Lyman

"Remarkable not only in the very restricted universe of OCaml books but as a programming book, it stands between the best I've seen." - Andrei Formiga, Brazil. (read the full review)

"I really can't recommend it too highly - it's an excellent book..." - Sean Hunter, Cambridge, UK. (read the full review)

"The best introduction to OCaml I could find and a great book on scientific programming to boot." - Daniel Lyons

"I think its excellent, exactly what I needed." - Dr Oliver Williams, Machine Learning & Perception, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

"Truly excellent" - Andre Bjarby, Sweden.

"This is one of the most informative books on any subject..." - Lloyd Moore, Spain. (read the full review)

"I haven't seen such a thorough treatment of optimization in any other OCaml tutorials." - Joel Reymont, Wager Labs, Tenerife.

"The color syntax highlighting is cool." - Fabrice Marchant, France.

"The most enjoyable introduction to OpenGL I've seen." - Dr Daniel Andor, Rockefeller University, New York, USA.

"You've done a great job with that book. Thanks!" - Dr Xavier Leroy, lead developer of OCaml in INRIA, France.

"It really puts into light the power of functional languages!" - Dr Christophe Troestler, lecturer on numerical methods at the Universite de Mons-Hainaut, Belgium.

"I love the book!" - Paul Snively, California, USA.

"... the absolutely must have book OCaml for Scientists." - Don Syme, Programming Principles and Tools, Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK.

"... this is a book I can recommend." - Barry Perryman, Kent, UK.

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