3D surface plot

This example demonstrates just how easily interactive 3D function plots can be created using the F# for Visualization library.

The Plot3D function accepts the function to be plotted and the ranges over which the function is plotted as well as further optional arguments. Only six lines of code are required to generate this fully interactive 3D visualization:

#r @"FSharpForVisualization.dll"

let f x z =
  let r = 6. * sqrt(x*x + z*z)
  sin(r + 3. * x) / r

FlyingFrog.Graphics3D.Plot3D(f, (-5., 5.), (-5., 5.), (-0.1, 1.))

All thread-related issues are completely automated by F# for Visualization and the user can even enter this code into the F# interactive session in Visual Studio to spawn an interactive visualization and then continue using the interactive session for other work. This makes the F# for Visualization library an essential component of your next-generation interactive technical computing environment.

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