Icosahedron Demo

This example demonstrates just how easily interactive 2D and 3D vector graphics can be created using the F# for Visualization library.

Only five lines of code are required to reference the relevant assemblies, open namespaces and then show the 3D shape described by the built-in icosahedral mesh:

#I @"C:\Program Files\Reference Assemblies\Microsoft\Framework\v3.0"
#r @"C:\Program Files\FlyingFrog\FlyingFrog.Graphics.dll"

open System.Windows.Media
open Graphics3D

Show(Shape(Icosahedron.mesh, Brushes.White))

All thread-related issues are completely automated by F# for Visualization and the user can even enter this code into the F# interactive session in Visual Studio to spawn an interactive visualization and then continue using the interactive session for other work. This makes the F# for Visualization library an essential component of your next-generation interactive technical computing environment.

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