Visual F# 2010 for Technical Computing

Read this full-color book to learn how Microsoft's new Visual F# 2010 programming language can be used as a next-generation platform for high-performance interactive technical computing. Topics covered include the latest version of the F# language, parallel programming with .NET 4, Windows Presentation Foundation for visualization, concurrent programming with asynchronous workflows, file manipulation, text handling including regular expressions, data structures, algorithms and performance optimization.

This book contains hundreds of source code examples and dozens of diagrams that elucidate the power of functional programming and explain how the F# programming language is the ideal tool for scientists and engineers wanting to collate, analyse and visualize their data easily and efficiently.

Buy now and receive not only all of the source code from the book as a Visual Studio project but even the code used to generate the diagrams with our F# for Visualization library!

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Buy the F# for Technical Computing book and the F# for Numerics and F# for Visualization libraries and get over 20% off!

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Buy the F# for Technical Computing book and a one year subscription to the F#.NET Journal and get 20% off!

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New topics

Visual F# 2010 for Technical Computing covers the following exciting new topics:

  • Visual Studio 2010, F# 2.0 and .NET 4.
  • Windows Presentation Foundation for 2D and 3D graphics.
  • .NET interfaces including IEnumerable, IComparable and IDisposable.
  • Named and optional arguments.
  • Shared-memory parallel programming for multicores.
  • Distributed parallelism for clusters with MPI.
  • Dissecting XML using LINQ.
  • Asynchronous workflows for concurrent programming.
  • Purely functional data structures (balanced trees, tries, lazy streams and queues).
  • Traversing and manipulating files and directories.
  • Regular expressions.
  • Sequence expressions.
  • Reflection.
  • Functional design patterns (tail calls, untying the recursive knot and continuation passing style).
  • Cache efficiency.
  • Linear algebra.

All of the graphs in this book were created using our own F# for Visualization library.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Functional programming
  3. Object oriented programming
  4. F# Collections
  5. Creating Data Structures
  6. Numerics
  7. File and text processing
  8. Libraries
  9. Graphics
  10. Concurrent programming
  11. Parallel programming
  12. Performance
  13. Worked examples


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