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Meshes are the fundamental primitive for 3D graphics

Type Definitions

type mesh A mesh is composed of a sequence of triangles that are represented by 3-tuples of indices into both position and normal vector arrays.


val append : mesh -> mesh -> mesh
Combine two meshes into one.
val double_sided : mesh -> mesh
Create back-facing triangles for every triangle in a mesh.
val empty : mesh
The empty mesh.
val make : Vector3D array -> Point3D array -> (int * int * int) array -> mesh
Helper function to build a mesh from the given normal, position and indices.
val of_polygon : Vector3D array -> seq<int> -> mesh
Convert a polygon, defined as a 3D vector array and a sequence of indices, into a mesh.
val of_polygons : Vector3D array -> seq<#seq<int>> -> mesh
Convert a sequence of polygons into a mesh.
val of_triangle : Vector3D * Vector3D * Vector3D -> mesh
Create a mesh from a single triangle, using the cross product to calculate a single normal vector for the triangle.

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